65 Unsolved Murders in Rocky Mount NC

Rocky Mount has at least 65 unsolved murders dating back to 1977.

Ever since 2006 we have had unsolved murders each year. 2015 and 2017 both have the most unsolved murders, at 8 homicides each.

Rocky Mount Police Department Communications officer Brad Summerlin has sent Fighting Crime an updated unsolved homicide list. Fighting Crime has sent him some questions regarding 13 murders that were either listed and thought to had been solved or not listed at all. Summerlin is working to answer my questions. He has already answered a question regarding one murder, he is checking on the other 12. I will update once I get an update from him. I would like to thank Summerlin for sending this information and looking into my questions.

Below you will find a list of the unsolved homicides that I have been made aware of. If you have a family member or love one that is not listed here please let me know so I can get with RMPD. If there is a murder listed that that you feel was closed let me know so I can ask about that as well.

Some of these murders there is very little information as to where it happened, what happened and even a date that it happened on some of them. If you can help fill in the blanks please let me know. 

If you have any information on an unsolved murder please contact Fighting Crime at 252-406-6736, email info@fightingcrimenc.com or inbox.


  • Robert Earl Demory, 9-22-77, found in parking lot of London Mills in 500 block of Paul St. Demory was a 16-year-old black male found shot to death. He had just returned home that night from out of state and was last seen getting off the bus at the Rocky Mount Trailways Bus Depot on South Washington Street. A dark colored car was seen leaving the London Mills parking lot.

  •  Hugh B. Phillips, 1-28-84, Douglas Block on NE Main St. Phillips was walking on Main Street when an unknown male suspect physically assaulted and robbed him. Phillips died a few days later.

  • Ibrahim K. Salem, 10-30-87, 1417 Branch St. (Branch St. Grocery), Salem was working in his store when a small frame black male with his face covered came into the store and attempted to rob victim with a rifle. During the robbery, the victim was shot and later died.

  • Magelene Puckett, 7-8-90, 906 Clark St., the 64 year old victim was killed when 4 black males broke into her home in the middle of the night. The victim was beaten to death and the victim’s 81-year-old mother who was also in the house was severely beaten.

  • Cheryl Watson, 4-10-91, Pineview Cemetery, victim was found beaten to death in Pineview Cemetery on Raleigh St.

  • Toney Grant, 7-2-96, 628 Myrtle Ave, victim was found beaten to death and his home was set on fire severely burning the victim.

  • David Moody, 8-22-98, 300 block of Carolina Ave. Victim was shot while standing in the 300 Block of Carolina Ave. Witnesses report a green van driving by while someone fired a shotgun from the van killing the victim.

  • Melvin Avent, 12-29-99, Intersection of Luper and Mullins streets, at 0140 hrs. The victim was standing at the intersection of Luper and Mullins when a dark colored car came by. The victim was found shot to death at that intersection.

  • James Whelen, 2-20-00, 405 Fairfield Dr., unknown suspects broken into the victim’s home, the victim was injured and died before the crime was discovered. The victim was 87 years old.

  • Lewis D. Hines, 12-9-00, 734 Ravenwood Dr. The victim was found beaten to death inside his home at 734 Ravenwood Dr.

  • Billy Ray Childress, 12-05-04, 1208 Boone Street. The victim was stabbed inside his home at 1208 Boone Street.

  • Sammy Childress,12-05-04 1208 Boone Street was also assaulted/stabbed during the incident.

  • Dexter Johnson, 11-12-06, 422. E Grand Avenue. The victim was shot during a robbery attempt outside a convenience store.

  • Baby John Nash, 2-7-07, 802 Harbor West Drive. The victim, a white male infant, was found deceased inside a trash dumpster behind Food Lion.

  • Gary Lamont Robbins, 2-10-07, Rex Street @ Vance Street. The victim’s vehicle, a van, was being chased by another vehicle. The victim was shot inside his vehicle by an unknown assailant during the chase.

  • Shandon Terez Hedgepeth, 7-2-07, 214 N. Harris Street. The victim was found deceased inside his residence and the residence was set on fire

  • Leona L. Johnson, 12-21-07, 1247 Compass Creek Drive. The victims were found deceased inside their residence, victims of gunshot wounds. Scriven’s son, Devin Scriven, was also shot during the incident.

  • Deborah M. Scriven, 12-21-07, 1247 Compass Creek Drive. The victims were found deceased inside their residence, victims of gunshot wounds. Scriven’s son, Devin Scriven, was also shot during the incident.

  • Carolyn Whitehead Ransome, 1-2-08, 912 Gregg Court. Victim was found deceased inside her residence. Cause of death was ruled strangulation.

  • Jamir Whitaker, 1-12-08, 2805 Pelham Road. Two year old victim was shot inside his home as a result of a robbery attempt against his parents, who were present at the time of the shooting.

  • Terrance Jerrod Hanson 8-19-2008 shot twice on Blandwood Dr

  • Ryan Anthony Lee, 4-2-08, 1600 block of Clark Street. Victim was shot after being involved in an argument with several individuals in the street.

  • Alton Lee Harper, 9-4-09, 4817 Crape Myrtle St., Battleboro Community. Victim suffered a heart attack after a robbery that occurred inside his residence.

  • Jermaine Larquez Lynch, 9-8-09, 2104 Travis Run. Victim was shot in the street during a robbery. Four to six black males were reported to have been involved in the robbery. One of the suspects was described as an older black male, approximately 45-50 years old, thin build, no mask, grayish thin beard and dark clothing.

  • Tony Wilkins, 6-30-10, 520 D Cascade Avenue. The victim was shot by an unknown suspect while inside the victim’s residence.

  • Terrel Antwan Gray, 10-9-10, 540 Raleigh Rd. Victim was shot by an unknown suspect outside of a convenience store.

  • Rafiq Salim Soufan, “Sammy”, 3-8-11, 1100 Old Wilson Rd. The victim, the owner of Sammy’s Food Mart, was shot by two unknown suspects during an attempted robbery.

  • Shakeem Devonte Avent, 4-13-11, Sunset Ave. @ Lee St. The victim was shot while driving a vehicle by an unknown suspect on Lee St.

  • James Tony Cooper, 4-26-11, 2028 Brandon Lane, The victim, while at an acquaintance’s address, was shot during a possible attempted robbery. Two unknown male suspects fled on foot from the scene.

  • Abdul Karim Alwarrak, 5-19-11, 2053 Raleigh Rd. The victim, the owner of Karim’s Food Mart Store, was shot by an unknown suspect inside the store during an attempted armed robbery.

  • James Lynch Richardson, 8-9-11, 2160 Raleigh Rd. The victim was stabbed by an unknown suspect at the victim’s residence. The suspect fled on foot from the scene.

  • Jermaine La’Tray Flowers, 9-12-11, 737 Sunset Ave. The victim was shot by an unknown suspect while inside a residence. The unknown male suspect fled on foot from the scene.

  • Emmanuel Robert Gent, 5-21-12, 1414 Branch St. Victim was shot outside a residence by two unknown male suspects during a possible attempted robbery.

  • Stanley Thomas -12-19-2012 Tadlock Ave. Victim was shot in front of a home. Two suspects seen fleeing the scene towards Barnes and Fountain St.

  • Richard William Joyner -2012

  • Brian Tyrik Freeman -1-25-2014 Shot on the 700 block of East Highland Avenue at 12:06 a.m.

  • Devonta J Eburg 6-13-14 700 Block of Branch St – Shot

  • Kelly Jerod Anderson – 2014

  • Hoy Jefferson Cobb 11-8-14 Jeffreys Ct – Suspicious Death. Mr Cobb was found dead in his residence on November 11th

  • Glyn Junior Jenkins – 2015 shot on Casacade Ave.

  • Bruce Wayne Staton -1-28-2015 shot on N Daughtry St

  • Antwon Bernard Grey 8-6-2015 Shot on Paul/Cockrell St

  • Antonio Dewon Bullock 2015

  • Demond Rashaun Batts 2015

  • Antwain Dontae Henderson 1-17-15 Sidetracks Nightclub 349 Falls Rd. Henderson was shot and killed in the doorway of the club.

  • Michael Tavira 2-5-15 226 Jefferson St. Shot and killed.

  • Fredrick Jones 5-25-15 100 Block of Ashland Ave. Shot and killed in a Robbery

  • Jaquan Antonio Underhill 6-17-16 – W Raleigh Blvd near Kinchen Dr. Shot in a vehicle

  • Robert James Battle – 7-15-16 Eagles Terrace. Found shot in a vehicle

  • Orlando Flowers 2-5-17 Arlington St. Shot

  • Alcindor Marcellais Wardrick Jr 3-11-17 Short St. Shot

  • Timothy Arrington 4-30-17 St Paul St. Shot

  • Robert Roger Lynch 8-10-17 152 Tony Circle shot

  • James Earl Harper 9-6-17 500 block of Arrington Ave Beaten to death

  • Keenan Marshall Mercer 9-15-17 800 Block of S Pine St. Shot

  • Jahmel Montey Dales 12-18-17 1100 Block of Niblick Dr. Shot

  • Leroy William Dunston 12-23-17 900 Block of Gay St. Shot

  • Jamal Rashad Harris 6-2-18 699 Cleveland St. Shot

  • John Mack Caudle 7-4-18 440 S Church St. Shot

  • Mustafa Yousef Shabaneh, 9-4-18 1901 Forest Wood Rd Shot in his vehicle.

  • Anthony Hilliard Ryan 9-4-18 1901 Forest Wood Rd shot in a vehicle

  • Kestler Rayo Bridgers, 1-5-19 Carroll Ave. Shot

  • Torrey Tinell Hill, 1-5-19 Carroll Ave. Shot

  • Tobious Devone Cox 1-21-2019 700 Block W Thomas St. Was driving a white Ford Focus and was shot and hit a pole and passed away from the gunshot wounds.

  • Latisha Jasmein Lee 2-13-2019 Found deceased from injuries from an assault on Drew Hills Ct.