EDGECOMBE COUNTY COMMISSIONERS do not understand the importance of good law enforcement.

EDGECOMBE COUNTY COMMISSIONERS are not understanding the importance of good law enforcement.

Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office has stepped up their game since Clee Atkinson has become Sheriff. However, the Sheriff can only do what the funds allow him to do. Edgecombe County Sheriffs Department needs better pay and an attractive package to recruit more deputies and to also retain the good deputies that they have.

ECSO deputies start off at $30,488.00 and a 40 year veteran with a degree is only making $40,000.00 yearly.

Other agencies like Nash and Rocky Mount are starting their deputies and officers well above the $36,000 mark. The RMPD police chief was making $140,000 yearly in 2016 and even more today. Sheriff Atkinson makes half of that Salary.

When deputies see a better pay opportunity with better equipment and other attractive packages they are going to leave, there is just no getting around it. That includes our great Sheriff Atkinson. He has done lots of good things and we do not want him to leave either. (not saying he is, just would not blame him if he does)

Why are the commissioners hesitant to spend money on the Edgecombe County Law Enforcement?

Where IS the money being spent?

Sheriff Atkinson has made public pleas to the Commissioners but they are not listening. Remember these things when voting time comes around.

Edgecombe County can not be proactive and protect the citizens of the county if there are no deputies to do so.


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