Man charged with attempting to smuggle Marijuana in to the jail – Edgecombe

Sheriff Clee Atkinson announces another inmate charged with attempting to smuggle
contraband into the detention center. On 6/6/2018, Andre Donnell Downey was sentenced to 35
months in prison for probation violation resulting for convictions for cocaine sales in Edgecombe
While being processed into the detention center, Downey was found to be concealing 28.7
grams of marijuana and loose tobacco. The contraband was concealed in such a way as to attempt to
conceal it from detention officers working the jail and smuggle it into the cell blocks.
Sheriff Atkinson commends the work that the detention officers are doing trying to make the
detention center safe for the officers and inmates.

Andre Donnell Downey 31 years old from Rocky Mount, NC
Possess tobacco by inmate
Felony Possess Controlled Substance on Detention Center Premises
Bond: $40,000