Bar owner among four charged in connection to deputies death – Edgecombe

NC Alcohol Law Enforcement special agents arrested four people Wednesday on alcohol, drug and obstruction of justice charges.

These charges are a result of an investigation by the ALE in the collision that killed Edgecombe County Deputy Sheriff David Manning on Sunday March 11th 2018.

ALE special agents launched an investigation at Melanie’s Place located at 1203-B West Northern Blvd in Tarboro.

The ABC Commission website shows Melanie Whitfield Johnson as the owner and has had the required permits to serve alcohol since 8/5/2014.

The results of the investigation found that Richard Howard Walters, 33, of Pinetops, had been drinking from noon to 6 p.m. on the day of the accident.

Troopers believe Manning turned around to stop the intoxicated driver before he lost control of his vehicle and crashed head-on into on coming traffic. Walters’ then crashed his vehicle .02 miles from the site of Deputy Manning’s accident then he fled on foot and was not located that night after an extensive search.

ALE stated that Walters purchased and consumed the equivalent of 16 malt beverages before leaving Melanie’s Place.  Even though he was intoxicated he was still served beverages until the bar closed.

Cindy Mendenhall who is an employee of Melanie’s Place helped jump start Walter’s car after the battery was dead and would not start. When questioned by ALE, Mendenhall and Johnson tried to minimize the truth of Walters’ intoxication level and were both charged with obstruction.

According to the ABC Commission website it still shows that the Permits are still active for Melanie’s Place. Bond information was not available.

Photo from Melanie’s Place from their public Facebook Page.


The following are charged:

Melanie Whitfield Johnson, 47
Common Law Obstruction of Justice
Allow violation to occur

Richard Howard Walters, 33
Possession of marijuana,
Possession of drug paraphernalia,

Kristen Harrell, 35
Possession of marijuana,
Possession of drug paraphernalia

Cindy Mendenhall, 34
Common Law Obstruction of justice
Sale to intoxicated
Aid and Abet DWI 

Richard Walters