Deputies and Emergency Personnel recognized for saving young womans life

Today a small ceremony was held to recognize two Nash County Deputies and Emergency Personnel who saved a young woman back in January after she was found unresponsive by her husband.

The young woman, April Jordan was found unresponsive by her husband after she went into a diabetic coma. Her husband performed CPR until Deputies Sykes and Boykin arrived and Emergency Personnel arrived soon after.

Below is the story which is located on her Go Fund Me page.

Please click the link if you are able to donate towards her doctor bills and recovery.

January 26th, 2018 could have been a tragic day but instead it turned out to be a miracle of a lifetime.

April’s husband left for work that morning as usual. When he returned he found April completely unresponsive without a pulse. He called 911 at 6:01pm and immediately began CPR. At 6:11pm, Nash County EMS arrived on scene and began running a full code on April. At 6:27pm, they got her pulse back and immediately rushed her into Nash UNC Health Care. They put her on full life support and flew her out to Vidant Medical Center. On January 27th, April was taken off of life support. She was able to breathe on her own and knew who her family and friends were which were excellent signs for her recovery. She stayed in the ICU in Greenville for a few days and then was transferred to a regular medical unit. On February 2nd, April was discharged from Greenville to go home.

What started all this? Low glucose levels which sent her into a diabetic coma which then lead to her heart stopping. She also had 2 strokes at some point. The only MAJOR concern at this time is she has limited mobility on the left side of her body due to muscle damage. Though the left side has gotten 1000x’s better since January 26th, she will need physical therapy to regain full mobility