Rocky Mount Code Enforcement – Violators may have lien placed on property

The below addresses have been notified of their grass/weed issue.

Some of these belong to Heirs of ones that have deceased.

Some belong to companies

Some belong to the elderly

If you have time and see one of these properties that needs the grass cut and are able please step in and cut it.


Notice to Chronic Grass/
Weed Violators

According to our records, violations occurred at least three times at the above listed locations during 2017. Therefore, in accordance with the ordinance, this serves as notice that during 2018 any time the Community Code Division identifies grass/weeds at the above listed location at a height of 18 or greater, the Division will initiate steps to cut the grass without any further Notice. The cost of cutting the grass and the associated administrative fee will then be charged to the property owner, and if not paid, will become a lien upon the real estate and shall be collected as unpaid taxes. Since no further notices will be sent regarding grass/weed violations at this location, the only way to avoid any such action by the city is to maintain the grass/weeds at this location at an overall height of less than 18.

This 5th day of March 2018

Kelly Cook
Community Code Supervisor
City of Rocky Mount



421 Arrington Ave

610 Atlantic Ave

1411 Branch St Progressive Redevelopment, LLC

628 Carolina Ave

612 Center St

440 Cleveland St

530 Dexter St

1125 Hargrove St Financial Flex Investments Inc

961 E Holly St, Belmont Circle LLC

403 N Howell St Real Estate Essentials LLC

401 Midway St

514 Pennsylvania Ave

620 Pennsylvania Ave

710 Pennsylvania Ave

601 Shearin St

815 Star St

608 N Tillery St

935 E Virginia St

840 West Haven Blvd

734 S Washington St

1016 W Thomas St,

724 Pennsylvania Ave

500 Myrtle Ave

510 E Highland Ave

205 E Holly St,

209 E Holly St

709 Carolina Ave

403 Albemarle Ave

1539 Boone St

822 Branch St

424 N Howell St

726 Nashville Rd

411 Pennsylvania Ave

700 Tarboro St

823 S Washington St JLG Holding Company, LLC

508 E Virginia St

419 Park Ave CNT Home Builders

801 Pender St

335 S Grace St Jesus Christ Non-Denominational Church

714 Myrtle Ave

500 E. Goldleaf St

635 Clark St

521 Buena Vista Ave D & F Properties LLC

130 N Discovery St A

522 Pennsylvania Ave

217 E Holly St

342 Atlantic Ave

341 Atlantic Ave

1509 Charter Dr Stokes Mortuary Inc

506 S Franklin St

626 Cleveland St

437 Arrington Ave

208 E Bassett St

919 Beal St

430 Edgecombe St

1409 Hill St

101 E Highland Ave

209 Carolina Ave

638 Atlantic Ave

1117 E Holly St

310 Paul St Denney Properties of Kentucky

321 Matthews St

722 Sycamore St

1620 Cherry St

515 Myrtle Ave

504 Center St

510 Center St

521 Park Ave

216 Union St

226 S Tillery St

1215 W Thomas St

227 E Raleigh Blvd

1113 E Holly St

1336 S Franklin St,

308 Nashville Rd

312 Nashville Rd

510 Myrtle Ave

613 S Tillery St

4717 Morning Glory Way

315 Myrtle Ave

402 E Goldleaf St

712 Henna St

913 Star St

917 Star St

1208 Calvary St

314 Nashville Rd

112 Zinnia Ct

1001 W Thomas St

1605 Cherry St

900 Nugent St

615 E Virginia St

208 S Howell St

328 Kingston Ave

1317 Sycamore St

834 W Thomas St

715 Pender St

425 & 427 Myrtle Ave

617 Woodland Ave

708 Amos St

416 Center St

1543 Springbrook Dr

1221 Beckman

421 Arlington St

715 Rose St

1023 Beal St

1707 Leggett Rd