Some Parents are fed up with Nash Central Middle School – Nashville

Parents are voicing their concerns over threats and fights at Nash Central Middle School in Nashville

Over the last five days there have been a reported seven fights at Nash Central Middle School in Nashville. One parent shares her story of her daughter being harassed and threatened by a student and nothing being done. The student is a female who is being threatened by a male he pushed and shoved her and when she fought back she was suspended even after the threats were reported to the Administration that morning that the male student was harassing her.

Another parent feels that the Principal is not trained and used to the middle school atmosphere as he came from a K-2 school.

Dr. Jeffries the NRMPS Superintendent has been notified as well as others and so far no response.


Here is the story of the female being threatened

My daughter goes to Nash central middle school. She had a boy that became obsessed w her (mind u they are 6 thru 8 grade) Well she told the boy she wanted to be friends that she was to young and just wanted to hang out with her girlfriends. This boy didn’t take well to her saying she didn’t want a boyfriend so at first he just kept sending suicide messages to her.  We reached out to his parents and they didn’t respond. When the suicide threats didn’t work he started sending her and MYSELF threatening messages that we was going to fight her.  Also calling her racial slurs. Thursday he went crazy and during the night he sent a ton of messages that had threats to my daughter well she was asleep and didn’t get them till the next morning then we receive a call from her bestfriend my daughter didn’t react to his threatening messages he started sending messages to her bestfriend with threats against my daughter.  When my got out of the car that morning at school she was shaking so bad, her nerves were so tore up. I then parked and went inside the school. This was before 7am. I approached the school Secretary and asked for a principal or assistant Principal and she advised me they were all busy. I told her I really needed to talk to someone that there was an active threat against a student by another student and that I feared it was about to go down. Again, I got nowhere and was told to just call back later that morning. I drove to work worried and called back the same lady told me they were still busy. I again stressed to her that it was important and that a child could be in danger. At that point she just said to leave my info and someone would call me. A little while later the assistant principal called and I told him about everything and how the threats had gotten crazy over night and were even sent to other students warning them that he was going to attack my daughter and that I knew if something wasn’t done that by the end of the day this boy was going thru with his threats. My daughter was pulled out of class by the Asst. principal and she turned over all the messages that were sent to everyone. I was also on the phone at this time with them and kept stressing that something was going to happen today and that the boy had lost all control.  The Asst. principal assured me he would take care of it. He then goes to walk my daughter out of the office out of a side door so no one would see she was in the office and when they opened the door the boy that was after my daughter was standing there in wait for her and the principal knew it. Instead of asking why he was there he turned around and left my daughter with this boy and this boy got in her face threatening her and calling her a snitch all the way to her classroom. Well come to find out this boy was suppose to be in ISS all day but somehow fell thru the cracks and was allowed to roam the halls all day following my daughter even standing outside of her classrooms taunting her calling her names and throwing punches to the air. When I asked the Asst. principal why he didn’t question the boy waiting for my daughter and why he was even outside of the ISS room his reply was that it just slipped his mind. This went on all day and my child kept communicating with me VIA text about how this boy was stalking her and I kept asking had they pulled him into the office yet or even spoke w him and she kept saying no. At 230 my daughter goes to leave her last class of the day and again this boy is laying in wait for her outside the classroom and approaches her and gets in her face threatening her and calling more racial slurs to her and then shoves her backwards and start to attack her. So here we go, he is now going thru with his threats. I am lucky that my daughter fought back. She even tried to warn him and hoped to intimidate him and told him she was allowed by her parents to fight back if he began to attack her. They ended up fighting and I was called and rushed to the school. Now they are saying she is suspended because she fought back.


Story from another parent 

I have debated on making a post because typically I try to face a situation head on and not rely on social media to correct the problem. With that being said, I do feel like I have exhausted all efforts on this matter and I am hoping by letting more people be aware of these problems, MAYBE someone will listen. In the past week at Nash Central Middle School there have been 7 fights. Perhaps to some fights at the middle school level may not be a big deal. However, with what we saw in Florida last week, I am feeling extremely alarmed. These concerns have not just come up in the past week, as a matter of fact last June, myself and about 20 other parents met with Dr. Jeffries, the Superintendent of Nash Rocky Mount Schools. We were told that the plan was to bring in 2 strong Assistant Principals to help with the discipline and I do feel that they have tried to make the overall environment safer for the students and staff, however if you are being undermined at every turn, you can’t make much of a difference. I have also spoken with multiple school board members and though some of them see the issues we are having at the school, nothing has been done to correct the problems. I also serve on the Parent Advisory Committee for another school and when I’ve tried to voice my concerns about the middle school, I feel as though they have fallen on deaf ears. I volunteer at the school a lot and I have seen first hand the behavior problems, lack of respect towards teachers and the lackadaisical approach that has been taken towards discipline. You can not have a student threaten and cuss at a teacher and after spending maybe 20 minutes in the office, sending them back to class with the same teacher. No one should be forced to work under those circumstances. Recently a student was caught trying to purchase a gun online at the school using his grandmothers credit card. TO MY KNOWLEDGE, nothing was done about this matter. Obviously my biggest concern is safety. If we’ve heard it once in the past week, we’ve heard it a 100 times, no one should be afraid when they go into school and these kids and the staff are scared.

Update to story 

Update to last nights post on NCMS ~ Today there was a student in the office that from what I am understanding was verbally attacking a teacher at the school. There was a parent that was also in the office for whatever reason, not this child’s parent that apparently said something to this child about being disrespectful to the staff member. I was told that this child turned on that parent and there was an altercation. The parent must have pushed this child back so as to not be attacked at which time the SRO Officer came in and handcuffed the parent. I am unclear on if this parent was actually arrested. I do know that this student has a long history of behavioral issues. A parent that was there maybe to check out their own student and tried to defend a teacher, now faces potential charges for something that could have been avoided if the administration would have had the teacher’s backs and pass down the punishments that are due rather than trying to sweep them under the rug. Don’t get me wrong, I do not agree with any adult putting their hands on someone else’s child. However it does sound as though they were trying to stop this student from them being physically attacked. I also received a phone call from someone that works in the school system (not at the school, because the staff was not aware of this) telling me to check out my child because threats had been made to NCMS specifically. We did get a Connect Ed call this afternoon around 4:00 telling us of the threat. However, the threat is for Monday the 26th and our principal chose to not offer that information. I am going to continue this until changes are made. Our children are not safe and I am at a loss as to what step to take next. When I made my earlier post, I failed to mention that I have also contacted the State Superintendent and also one of our County Commissioners. I was told by the SS that this was a personnel matter that should be handled at the local level and my reasoning for going to a CC was that they supply funding to our schools. I was hoping that would hopefully get the attention of someone in the school system. This isn’t about personality conflicts or just not liking an individual. THIS IS ABOUT SAFETY and if we as parents do not speak up, we are going to be facing much darker days ahead.