Four charged in five Halifax County murders have extensive past

On Saturday January 6th 2018 there was a double shooting on Deer Run Dr in the county part of Roanoke Rapids. Travis Johnson of Roanoke Rapids died on scene, another person was transported to a hospital with injuries. The shooting stemmed from a robbery. After investigating, HCSO arrested JAMES EDWARD POWELL, 25 and DILLON TYLER IRBY,21. They were both charged with Robbery, Murder and Attempted Murder and jailed with no bond.

Today, January 8, 2018 HCSO and the SBI have charged JAMES EDWARD POWELL and KEYON QUARICE WEST,23 of Roanoke Rapids in the August 2017 quadruple murder on Fishing Creek Rd in the Glenview Community in Halifax County.

MATTHEW SIMMS was charged last year.

At this time HCSO is not releasing any other details. We are uncertain how Matthew Simms is connected to the quadruple murder with West and Powell. We can only speculate on how they received information that West and Powell were involved.

West and Powell are now charged with robbery, 5 murders and an attempted murder.

Irby is charged with Robbery, Murder and attempted murder.

Simms is charged with Murder times 4

KEYON QUARICE WEST has a record dating back to 2011 with several Felony breaking and entering convictions. He was charged in 2013 for a shooting in Lincoln Heights. In June 2017 he was charged with drugs after a traffic stop in Roanoke Rapids. September 2017 he was arrested as an absconder from probation. In December 2015 West barricaded himself in a home on Cedar St in Roanoke Rapids and after a two hour stand off he came out. He was charged at that time with  attempted breaking and entering, injury to property, trespassing, assault inflicting serious bodily injury and served an order for arrest. He was currently on Probation for possession of a Firearm by a Felon. He also has pending court dates for assault with serious injury and drug charges.

JAMES EDWARD POWELL has a record dating back to 2009 with several larceny and felony breaking and entering convictions and an assault with inflicting serious injury conviction. He has spent a total of over 3 years in jail.

DILLON TYLER IRBY has a felony breaking and entering conviction and assault conviction both in 2015. He is currently on probation on those charges.

MATTHEW SIMMS has a record dating back to 2009 with several Felony Breaking and entering convictions. He is currently in Prison serving a sentence for possession of Firearm by a Felon his expected release is June 2018 on that charge. He is expected in Halifax County court on March 21st of this year on the quadruple murder charges.