Few clues in skull case

Few clues in skull case

WILSON COUNTY – Authorities can only speculate over the identity of a skull found in a bag full of rocks at the bottom of Buckhorn Reservoir nearly 25 years ago.

The skull was found in April 1993 by workers dragging the bottom of the reservoir for a lost lantern.

The skull was wrapped in a bag of rocks including one 9.5 pound rock and several smaller asphalt chunks.

There’s no way for investigators to determine how long the skull had been in the water, however, the original Buckhorn Dam was built in 1974.

The skull belonged to a white male 17 to 22 years old, estimated to be 67 inches tall and weigh 140 pounds.

Found with the remains were remnants of a pair of Levi Straus blue jeans with a 36-inch long belt, indented at 28 inches. The belt buckle was white metal. A white slip-on woman’s shoe was also found in the same area. Information on the manufacturing timeframe of the jeans is available.

DNA information and dental charting is available.

According to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, eliminated so far by DNA are the following missing persons: Lindsey Baker Jr., born in 1971 and missing from North Carolina; Richard Call, born in 1947 and missing from Virginia; Ronald La Valley, born in 1968 and missing from California; Harold Mays, born in 1959 and missing from North Carolina; and Christopher Temple, born in 1972 and missing from Michigan.

The remains are being kept in the bone room at the Office of the Chief Med Examiner in Raleigh. Anyone with information is asked to call 800-672-7024.