After 34 years identity of young girl still a mystery

NORTHHAMPTON COUNTY- In a truly heartbreaking case, the skull of a young girl found three decades ago remains unidentified today.

On the day after Christmas 1983, hunters in the woods outside Roanoke Rapids stumbled on a gruesome discovery: the remains of a little girl.
Investigators believe the girl was a biracial mix of black and white, and between 4 and 7 years old. Her height and weight can’t be estimated. The year of her death can’t be guessed at either.
The remains consist of a tiny skull and fragments of a skeleton with significant animal scavenging damage to most long bones, ribs and vertebrae.
The girl’s jawbone has a prior injury, she has a healed fracture of the left nasal and possible inner ear damage – all signs of serious child abuse throughout her young life before her violent death.
No clothing or accessories were found with the remains.
Fingerprints aren’t available, but dental charting an a DNA sample have been submitted to national databases.
“There’s just not a lot to go on here, we’ve got to hope for a cold DNA hit one day,” said a law enforcement official familiar with the case.
The little girl’s remains are being kept at the state’s office of the chief medical examiner in Raleigh.
She is listed as case 2196 in the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System.
If you have any information please contact Fighting Crime 252-406-6736